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My Fiance was speechless when I surprised him with the "Obama Java" because he always wanted to try coffee from USA Coffee. When he tried his first cup of "Obama Java", he absolutely LOVED it!!! Thank you Ted for your great customer service and your coffee!! I will definitely inform my family and friends about USA Coffee. J. Goodrich

I first bought from USA Coffee Company in August 2012 and I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner. All of the coffees I ordered were delicious and I will continue to be a repeat customer.

I just want you to know that I always appreciate your thoughtfullness in any order. And let me tell you, those chocolate cover beans are delicious. Every opportunity presented to me, I promote your coffee beans. I just tell people go to USA Coffee.com or call the 800 851 8310 # -talk to Ted, and you will never go back. Or listen to the Ed Schultz show on the radio and walla "one is hooked"...And always wish you & your family well. Sincerely, America

I first bought from USA Coffee Company in August 2012 and I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner. All of the coffees I ordered were delicious and I will continue to be a repeat customer.

Just a quick note to let you know the package arrived this afternoon! Thank you for your amazing attention to customer service --- I have talked USA Coffee Company up on facebook and to my friends.
Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Jeff A

Ordered Obama Java and Big Eddie beans for my spouse and my sister for Chistmas gifts. What a huge success! The shipping was so fast, in believable. Both coffees are fantastic but I have to say the Big Eddie Beans are my new favorite. Thank you USA coffee for helping me with Christmas this year. I have found my new go to for gifts. Susanna

Hello Ted,
Thanks for your great coffee and the tips on how to keep them. More impressive is the way you treat your customer. Great job.
Best Regards.
Ben Abbassi

Got my beautiful Obama mug Tuesday! It arrived in perfect condition!
Thanks so much, Ted!
All the best,

What a great company! Had a concern about my order which I emailed and no less than 2 hours later, I got a call straight from Ted. Coffee arrived as expected and my Dad will be drinkin' Obama Java for his 68th birthday today. Thanks!

I ordered because of the Ed Schultz connection and because of the other displays of good citizen attitude, such as Union Brew and Obama Java. USA coffee called me within the hour to offer me an alternative to the product that was out of supply for a week. I was asked for the coffee factors that I favor. Yes... I am a fanatic. I used to roast my own green coffee. It was great... but that is serious labor my friends. Ted considered my interests and declared that he knew just what I would like best of all. He included an extra bag for free... for my "trouble." It was no trouble. This IS the best ever. I am grinding the whole bean Maui Mokka every morning. It's medium roast... exactly what I like, a touch of sweet, a touch of citric acidity... and the best ever aroma. It IS perfection, and it is union, made in usa, endorsed by Ed, and... supportive of good citizenship. (Code for Democratic Party buy American supportive) Robert , Minnesota

Ted-Your order arrived already!! The service is incredible. Thank you for a great product and what you do for your employees. USA Coffee will have more orders from me, and I'll let my friends know. Thank you again.
Doug Bergren
Mt. Carroll, IL


Dear Ted, I don't buy very often but when I do the service is great. The order is processed and shipped right away. The best thing I love about your services is the ability to pay by personal check. I dislike buying items over the internet and being forced to use a credit card to pay. Thanks for the check option. And thanks for being union and American made. My resolve this year is to but as much American and union made products for holiday gifts as I can. Or at least fair trade products if available. Thanks again, M. Sansom

I'm a Fan of "the Ed Show" and learned about your Coffee Company. I am a Huge Coffee drinker and can not wait to taste my Obama Java and Peaberry selections! Keep up the good work! Go USA!!! Thank you for supporting to Hurrican Sandy. Donna Illinois

 I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that after listening to Ed Schultz promote your products on his radio show for months now, I decided to finally give your coffee a try last week.  My order arrived Monday and I immediately opened the bag of Kona beans and brewed a pot.  Let me tell you that this is some of the best coffee I have ever tried!  Yesterday morning I tried Big Eddie's Hawaiian Beans, and it is at least as good as the Kona!
You have a great product and I will definitely be back for more.  Thank you for supporting American workers, especially American union workers!  (I am a teacher and a proud member of the NEA for 28.5 years.  My father was a Teamster.  It's sad that many Americans ridicule unions with no knowledge of how unions have made their lives better.)



Bill Bennett

Milton, DE


I heard about you by listening to  you on Ed Schultz's show.

Just received my order of the Peaberry  coffee. It is awesome.

I am not a huge coffee drinker, but since  I went to Jamaica in the 80's and experienced Blue Mountain brand, I love GOOD  coffee, and that Peaberry is excellent. I usually  have a problem with  the high acid levels of most coffee, but I do not notice it in the Peaberry.  It sips like a great wine.

I do, however, love Cabernet, and you  are right. it is the Cabernet of coffee. Suberb!!!

My idea is this:   How about a "Coffee Party" brand. I heard that some progressive  somewhere is starting "Coffee Partys".

Seems like a nice  fit.

All the best,

Skip Nelson

SUPER FAST DELIVERY! My personal favorite is the Mudslide Flavored Union Roast. Hands down the best flavored coffee I've ever drank. Only thing is I wish the flavored union roast supported a cause :(

Dear Ted -

 I received my bag of Big Eddie's Beans. I thought I knew what good coffee tasted like before but I have to say that Big Eddie's Beans is the BEST tasting coffee I've ever had! And the fact that I'm able to directly help the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans makes this coffee taste even better! The bag itself is attractive and the little golden clip is pure genius! I can use it on other bags when I finish the coffee. I will be ordering more when I am able to. Thanks so much for a wonderful product, for an AMERICAN-MADE product, and for your dedication to helping others. You are an inspiration and deserve the best life can bring your way!

Thanks again!

Kathy Handyside

I wanted to drop a note of  thanks to you. 
I ordered some Kona coffee  from Ted Massinello at USA Coffee.  The quality is outstanding!  
It is the great tasting  Kona coffee I had when I visited Maui years ago.   I have tried many other brands and none were even close.  Ted's product  is the real deal!
It was a pleasure speaking  with him.  I shared that I learned of him from one of your great  emails.  He was pleased to learn about that. 
Best to  you.
Ben Herr

Dear Mr. Massinello,
I'd like to thank you for the prompt delivery of my recent purchase.(invoice 20973)  I am very impressed with quality of the coffee as well as the excellent service.
I have been searching for products made in the USA for some time now and I am slightly disappointed that it took me so long to find your company. Now that I finally have, I would like to recommend that you consider offering an affiliate program to give your business more exposure. 
I am the founder of getUSAmade.com and I truly believe that an affiliate program could set your company above the competition. For information on working with affiliate networks such as Share-A-Sale, LinkShare and Commission Junction please visit our site.  You can also find a very affordable affiliate software that can be run off of your own web servers.
Thanks again for your wonderful service.  I look forward to doing business with you again.
Rebecca Lafone

Wow, that delivery was fast! I'll always remember your company with great fondness, for this reason: On my first order a while back, I suddenly realized that one of the orders had been inadvertently selected as GROUND, rather than BEAN. With little hope, I emailed the company. Shortly later, I got an email from the CEO [you] telling me that my order had been corrected, and to ENJOY! This was pretty late at night.

I'll probably continue using Gevalia.com for my main supplier of coffee, since they have such a wide range of beans. But I'll continue making occasional orders from your company. I've also passed the word to my friends, many of whom respond positively to a "Union Grown in the USA" label.

  Regards, Paul Norman

We spread the word about your great product, and the fact that is  Union made and a USA product every chance we get!  I'm enjoying a cup right now.
Have a wonderful Christmas, and if you have an address or email, I would be happy to send a "testimonial" to DC to help you out!
Thanks, Eric
IBEW 196

It's a great product. Mostly I just serve to guests.  They always ask why my coffee is so good.  The product sells itself.

Thanks Ted and Happy Holidays.

All of my friends love my coffee, so I have sent them your way to place orders. Hopefully their New Year's resolution is to stock up.

Ted,   So far the Coffee is getting excellent
reviews.  Can you send us a price list? 
Howard Dean

Ted We have given USA Coffee away as gifts, everyone we have given the USA Coffee to calls and asks how they can buy it! Everyone who tries this coffee LOVES it as we do! We will continue to get the word out about this All American UNOIN Coffee, USA COFFEE> Love it.
Edgar R. Mings Jr. IBEW L.U. 196

Hello Ted, Had my Obama Java... it was really great the flavor was really smooth. I am sending one of my bags to my son.. he loves coffee so he will be surprised when I send it to him. Thanks again for the speedy delivery..
Ali Wilson UAW Local 95 Beloit Wi.

Ted, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love your decaffeinated coffee. I was never a coffee drinker except for an occasional cup from Dunkin Donuts. After trying USA Coffee, I have at least one cup per day and sometimes two. I don't know what the difference is but your coffee is the best. I appreciate your product and am looking forward to meeting you and dispensing samples of your coffee to our attendees.

Thanks, again
Darlene Johnson
IBEW, 6th District

Thank you for making this FINE AMERICAN product...it is as much of a pleasure buying your coffee as it is drinking it. My husband and I are greatful to have such a delightful coffee. Again, thank you.